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Okay, I gottagetashiftboot

If you didn't see your car listed on our products page we still may be able to help you.
We can make both shift boots and emergency brake boot covers for most cars.

We offer the following service

1. You send us the old boot(s) from your car. Along with a completed copy of our form, and agree to the conditions stated therein, found at the bottom of this page. You will pay for the boot and a $5.00 shipping fee per boot. Contact us first for the price and possible discounts on your boot.

2. You must remove any metal or plastic frames or parts that are not sewn to the original. It can be helpful if you send them with the boot. However, we will not remove them if they are glued or sewn in place. You must do that or we will simply return the items without attempting to reproduce a new boot.

3. We will examine it (them) to determine if it is possible for us to reproduce the design from your boot(s) If we can make the boot(s) we will normally have it finished and shipped back to you within 5 business days. If for some reason we cannot reproduce the boot(s) we will ship the original(s) back to you by priority mail. $5.00 of the money you sent will be used to cover the cost of mailing your originals or the finished boot back to you

4. In order to use your old boot(s) as a pattern for your new one, we must take them apart. Because of this, the old boot(s) are non returnable if we use them to make new ones for you. Also, due to this, we will not accept rubber or molded boots to convert to leather. The original must be leather or vinyl.

Okay, I gottagetashiftboot. What do I do now? It's simple. Fill out and print the form on the bottom of this page. Send a copy of this to us along with your boot(s). Then follow the directions on that page.

Directions and required information
Carefully remove the original equipment boot(s).
Take notes of the steps involved. Since we haven't made one for this type car yet, you will need to send a copy of the steps involved in removing the items so we can write directions for the next guy. ( That's why you're getting the discount remember ).
If you want a form to fill in the directions print out the one at the bottom of this page to assist you in recording the steps involved.
Remove any metal or plastic parts attached to the boot(s).
Fill out the form(s) below as completely as possible. Print and send with your boot(s).
Package it all together and send to us by whatever method you choose. We recommend choosing a method that will allow you to at least insure the package.
A tracking number can be helpful too. We cannot be responsible for items that do not arrive at our office.
Be sure to include an email address so that we may contact you with any questions. Also we can notify you when the items are returned to you.
We will ship the new boot(s) back to you by US priority mail.

Print the forms below and mail to us with your original boot
Address 2________________________________________
City, State, Zip________________________________________
Phone w/ area code________________________________________
Vehicle type, model, and year_________________________________
Number and type of boots enclosed_____________________________
Type of boot you want us to make______________________________
ie. black leather, two tone - red + black vinyl, black vinyl with red stitching, etc...
Email address________________________________________
So we can contact you with any questions, and let you know when the item has been shipped

I _____________________________ agree that for the sum of $_____ plus $5.00 per boot for shipping
Print Name
I will provide written details of how the boot(s) were removed from my car

and provide photographs of the new boot(s) installed in my car to


Place your mouse here for our address and contact information.
Print this form. Fill it out to help track the steps involved in replacing the boot(s) in your car.
Return it to us along with your boot(s).

First step

Next step

Additional steps

Any areas where you need to be careful?

Is the boot glued to a frame or anything else?
Please describe what it is glued to.

How would you rate the difficulty of replacing this?
About how long did it take you?
Any special notes?

All our shift boots are individually made and come with a 2 year limited warranty